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360° Overview of interior trimmings

The overview of automotive interiors is stated below. Features and functions are general descriptions and may vary with the truck model.

Trial of driver's seat

Four-point suspension driver’s cab with EVICO patent, top mute design and ergonomic design.

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      Humanized design for comfort of occupants

      1. A airflow channel is established so that air flows more reasonably and warm air is used to clear away the air frost in winter.

      2. The design of electric control windows and push-pull door handles makes the operation more humanized.

      3. The standard driving recorder can effectively ensure the driving safety.

      4. The ultra-large driving space where air height is up to 2.2m makes the occupants stand upright completely without any suppression.

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      Instrument panel

      The instrument panel is designed according to European standards, scientifically made of special material for instrument panel, reasonably arranged and matched in colors according to the ergonomics principle, so that the driver operates it simply without any fatigue.

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      Driver’s cab

      1. The four-point suspension cab matched with six-direction adjustable air bag seat and the humanized comfortability design sufficiently reduce the fatigue of occupants during driving and improve the driving safety and high efficiency.

      2. The panoramic driving space brings a wider visual field to the occupants.

      3. The symmetrical design generates a reasonable layout of operating platform and storing space, and the integral floor increases the floor glue area and makes its durability stronger while isolating noise.

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      Brand-new zero distance “vehicle service” caring for “JSDA” vehicle telematics:

      1. Large platform, cloud data and scientific maintenance plan make the maintenance more normative, free from worry and labor saving;

      2. Based on the remote failure diagnosis, real-time detection and vehicle condition information, any sudden failure can be settled leisurely;

      3. Automatic or manual alarm for help after an accident makes the rescue center get more comprehensive information.