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Outstanding design

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      Synchronous with European design

      As for the appearance, we inherits the classical “Double-V-shaped European Face” of IVECO family, which opens a brand-new heavy truck image in China.

      The design of smooth lines, such as integrated brilliant large front lamps, front double gas-distributing deflectors and high ceiling with smooth camber line elegantly depicts a graceful and modern driver’s cab, the overbearing and self-effacing style of which appears more practical and confident.

      As for the painting, the international most advanced painting technology (currently, it is one of unique two painting lines with the same advanced technology in the world) is adopted, with good structure, high end and effective resistance against acid and alkali corrosion;

      The ceiling of the driver’s cab is designed in the manner of circular arc, with graceful and ferocious appearance and column deflector holes on two sides, to effectively reduce the air drag, showing a low oil-consumption and economical driver’s cab.

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      The vehicle is designed with four-point suspension cab, suspension air bag, flat cab floor and air bag seat, which improve the comfortability of occupants.

      Simple operation: the instrument panel is designed according to European standards and scientifically made of special material, reasonably arranged according to the ergonomics principle and matched reasonably in colors so that the driver can operate it simply without any fatigue.

      Noise reduction: through test, the indoor noise of “GENLYON” product is 68±2db (domestic standard: 90db) when running at the constant speed so that the occupants can keep pleasant to reduce any potential risk;

      Exquisite experience: the opening size of the driver’s cab door can be up to 90° and highly-reasonable three-stage pedals are designed so that the occupants feel no sense of constriction when getting on and off the vehicle and such design really benefits them.

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      Backward shift of the driver’s cab: through ECE R29 test according to European collision standards, four-point suspension design and unique backward shift technology are adopted for the driver’s cab to maximally ensure the safety of occupants; 80% of the overall punch-formed driver’s cab is welded by double-side galvanized board under the high precision, the thickest body position is up to 1.5mm to ensure the safety of occupants. Stable brake system: the stable brake system is equipped with FAST hydraulic bumper and ESP product in order for anti-lock braking and anti-roll, to comprehensively improve the vehicle reliability and effectively reduce the accident probability.

      Electric control optimization: relying on technical deposits accumulated for many years by IVECO, “GENLYON” is equipped with multi-functional dashboard display and CAN-BUS, and the mature technology benefit the organic combination of 6 modules, such as ECU, body controller, instrument panel, driving recorder, ABS and rear view mirror controller, so as to change the immature condition of domestic CAN-BUS technology and reduce the failure rate of electric appliances.

GENLYON: bearing the life responsibility