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Outstanding safety design

The driver’s cab adopting “GENLYON” product has passed strict European face collision test and complies with European legal standards for the Protection of the Occupants of the Cab of a Commercial Vehicle.

Why is SAIC Hongyan so safe?

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      High strength four-point suspended cab

      In the light-weight design field, the SAIC always persists in the design concept of “Safety First”, we prefer to achieve the weight of vehicle body up to tens of kilometers rather than the vehicle weight reduces at the expense of safety coefficient. The driver’s cab is made of high-intensity steel board, the thickest part is up to 1.5mm, which increased 20% in comparison with that of other similar products. The driver’s cab is integrally punch-formed with front box-shaped structure, which is firm and not easily deformed, and a complete geometrical structure of the dash panel for the driver’s cab can not be damaged even if it suffers from any serious frontal crash. Internal instrument panel material is not easily crashed when the vehicle suffers from any collision, which can reduce secondary injury of broken sharp matters on the occupants.

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      Highly-intelligent FIAT Cursor engine

      GENLYON is the first heavy truck made in China,with global leading FIAT Cursor engine braking system.

      This system is controlled by ECU and characterized by quick reaction and powerful braking, ECU central control computer can intelligently open the engine exhaust valve and actively reduce the air pressure resulted from oil consumption of the engine according to the braking frequency and force of the driver during high-speed driving and down-slope, so that a braking effect occurs in the compression stroke, with braking effect up to over 80%, which effectively evades any potential risk.

      In this way, Hongyan heavy truck can better cope with any sudden road surface condition by emergency braking under no speeding, it also rests on the engine for high-efficiency braking to reduce the braking frequency and avoid any traffic accident due to overheated wheel hubs even if it runs on the long downslope section under heavy load.

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      Double-channel ABS anti-lock system

      GENLYON is equipped with double-loop braking system and ABS anti-lock system, two double-loop braking systems for front and rear wheels correlate with each other and mutual independence. When one system fails, the other still has its braking effect, so that the driving speed can be reduced stably. ABS anti-lock system can make the vehicle turn under braking to ensure the stability of braking direction and prevent from any side slipping and deviation.

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      Electric control optimization

      Relying on technical deposits accumulated for many years by IVECO, “GENLYON” is equipped with instrument display and CAN-BUS, the mature technology benefits the organic combination of 6 modules, including ECU, body controller, instrument panel, driving recorder, ABS and rear mirror controller, which changes the immature condition of CAN bus technology in China and reduces the failure rate of electric appliances.

Light weight, great difference

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      High-intensity light weight frame

      Light weight GENLYON is equipped with single layer of high-intensity steel frame beam, which is lighter in weight and has strong anti-twist and impact-resistant capacity, so that the yield strength rises by nearly 50%;the optimization design of the frame assembly makes the total weight reduce by 300km; which can effectively reduce the height of whole vehicle and improve the driving safety.

      This frame has passed strict rack test and comprehensive road tests in the test field totaling 30000km according to IVECO standard, its bending test indicates that the frame can not crack and deform through accumulated tests on the ultra-load variable load bends (100000 times); twisting test: twisting up to 1°~5°, each angle is tested up to 100000 times without crack, and the favorable quality ensures the increase of its service lifetime.

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      Application of less leaf spring structure

      GENLYON light weight tractor is equipped with parabolic curve less leaf steel plate spring, which reduces the body weight in comparison with multi-leaf spring and also increases the driving smoothness and comfortability while ensuring the loading capacity of the vehicle.

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      Application of disconnect-type balance shaft

      GENLYON light weight tractor is equipped with a disconnect-type balance shaft to effectively reduce the its own weight by more than 50km and such balance shaft is assembled easily and repaired simply; the balance shaft is lubricated by lubricating grease to radically eradicate the leakage of oil seal.

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      V-shaped straightening track bar

      When a vehicle turns, its middle rear axle can shift, the track bar aims to prevent the axle from shifting. General straight track bar only aims to prevent the middle rear axle from forward and backward shifting, but GENLYON light weight tractor adopts a V-shaped cross pin track bar to prevent the middle rear axle from not only forward and backward shifting, but also right and left shifting.