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Genpaw chassis

The self weight of the Genpaw is light. Under the premise of safety, draws lessons from Europe's mature lightweight technology, adopt new materials and technologies, Genpaw reduces weight scientifically by 300kg.

Chassis advantage

Hongyan Genpaw has high reliability, which has finished comprehensive road test for 7000km and durability test for 60000km. It can easily conquer 5000 m above sea level, and have perfect operation under the condition of -30 ℃ to 50 ℃.

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    The chassis frame of Genpaw adopts high strength beam steel plate material, which makes it more strong and durable. Compared with general products, the chassis strength is increased by 20%, and the whole vehicle has stronger bearing capacity. Genpaw matches with 435 single stage drive axle whose speed ratio range can be 2.846-6.833. It adopts special material of axle shell steel material to integrated forming, which can meet the needs of high load, high reliability, and realize the lightweight and high efficiency.