Hongyan GENPAW series

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360° Appearance overview

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      Synchronous with European design

      The appearance of Genpaw inherits the classic front face model of HONGYAN family. The popular design of v-shaped front face in European with chrome plated ornaments makes it more beautiful and elegant.

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      Rigorous aerodynamic and structural CAE analysis

      After strict aerodynamic analysis and structural CAE analysis, the wind resistance coefficient of the whole vehicle is small, the structure is more optimized, and the self-weight is lighter.

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      Bright large headlamps

      The headlamps are made of lens, which has better focusing performance. Dipped headlamps are decorated with a round of blue light strip, which is bright and shiny.

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      Split type of rearview mirror

      The rearview mirror adopts split type of door mirror which has less of the blind zone.

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      Integrated bumper

      Adopt the integrated bumper which makes a simple and unified appearance.