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360° Overview of interior trimmings

The overview of automotive interiors is stated below. Features and functions are general descriptions and may vary with the truck model.

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      Simple and unified interior decoration and central control area

      1、Four-frame steering wheel is covered with soft materials and can be adjusted at multiple angles to satisfy different body shapes of drivers.

      2、The layout of each functional area in the central control area is simple, which meets the basic needs of drivers.

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      Comfortable and practical driving space

      1、The super large storage space on the top of the cab makes it convenient for the driver to store various articles of daily use.

      2、After optimized design, the cab space is 1885mm in width and 1520mm in height, providing sufficient space for drivers and passengers.

      3、The width of the sleeper reaches 560mm, which can meet the basic needs of rest for drivers and passengers.

      4、Four-point suspension link is adopted and the air bag seat can make it more comfortable to drive.

      5、The indoor noise is ultra-low, which is as low as 55 decibels.

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      People-oriented design

      1、Panoramic driving space gives drivers a wider vision.

      2、According to European standards, instrument panel materials are selected for scientific design. According to ergonomic principles and European standards, the color and material of the cab makes the cab cozy and convenient to operate.

      3、Standard equipped with vehicle driving recorder to effectively guarantee the safety of driving.