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Outstanding safety design

Why is SAIC Hongyan so safe?

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      Authoritative collision test verification

      Genpaw passed ECE R29 collision test in Europe. The cab has strong anti-collision capability and ensures the safety of drivers and passengers to the maximum extent.

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      High-intensity & light weight frame

      Lightweight Genpaw adopts high strength steel and monolayer frame girder, which is not only light in weight, but also has strong anti-distortion and anti-impact capability. The yield strength can be increased by nearly 50%. Optimized design of frame assembly can achieve weight reduction of 300 kg.  It can effectively reduce the height of the whole truck to improve the safety.

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      Double circuit system & ABS anti-lock system

      Genpaw equipped with double circuit system and ABS anti-lock braking system. The front and rear wheels adopt two sets of double circuit brake system which is interrelated and are independent of each other. When one set of system failure, another set of system still has the braking effect, which make the Genpaw reduce speed smoothly. ABS anti-lock system enables the Genpaw to turn direction under braking, which ensures the direction stability of braking, and prevents side sliding and running deviation.