Hongyan GENTRUCK series

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360° Appearance overview

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      Strict air dynamics analysis and CAE structure analysis

      Strict air dynamics analysis and CAE structure analysis are made for the driver’s cab, and the whole vehicle is characterized by small air drag coefficient, beautiful and graceful appearance, more optimizational structure and lighter dead weight.

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      Car-level coating technology

      As for coating, car-level coating technology and paint are adopted for uniformly painting the surface, with full luster and strong capacity of resistance against acid and alkali corrosion so as to effectively improve the residual ratio of a second-hand vehicle.

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      Humanized design

      The driver’s cab is designed with three-stage pedals in order for conveniently getting on/off a vehicle, and the driver’s cab door is designed with stub wing to reduce the dead weight and meet the design demand for light weight of the whole vehicle.

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      Classical safety design

      Following the classical modelling of Hongyan heavy truck, four-point suspension design and overall backward shift technology are adopted for the driver’s cab and European standard Cursor9 engine is equipped so that the lowest dead weight of the whole vehicle is only 6.91T.