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360° Overview of interior trimmings

The overview of automotive interiors is stated below. Features and functions are general descriptions and may vary with the truck model.

Trial of driver's seat

Four-point suspension driver’s cab with IVECO patent, top mute design and ergonomic design.

    • 31221526ysi0-01.jpg

      Ultra-large space design for the driver’s cab

      Ultra-large space design is adopted for the driver’s cab, which is up to 1990mm at most, so that the occupants can walk upright and the couchettes are wide and feel comfortable, just in a real “movable house”.

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      Circumferential instrument panel

      Hongyan GENTRUCK is equipped with the current popular circumferential instrument panel button keypad, reachable switch and wide visual field, so that occupants keep pleasant. As for interior trimming, the instrument panel is equipped with colorful screen instrument in Chinese and one-key electric window, color matching and material selection are made for the interior trimming of the driver’s cab according to the ergonomics principle and European standard in order for warm comfort and simple operation.

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      Simple operation

      Two gas-off brake valves and one water kettle holder are installed beside the gear lever so that a user operates them conveniently.

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      Brand-new zero distance “vehicle service” caring for “JSDA” vehicle telematics:

      1. Large platform, cloud data and scientific maintenance plan make the maintenance more normative, free from worry and labor saving;

      2. Based on the remote failure diagnosis, real-time detection and vehicle condition information, any sudden failure can be settled leisurely;

      3. Automatic or manual alarm for help after an accident makes the rescue center get more comprehensive information.