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Exquisite light weight

The driver’s cab adopting “GENLYON” product has passed strict European face collision test and complies with European legal standards for the Protection of the Occupants of the Cab of a Commercial Vehicle.

Light weight, great difference

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      High-intensity light weight frame

      Light weight GENTRUCK is equipped with single layer of high-intensity steel frame beam, which has not only light weight but also stronger anti-twist and impact-resistant capacity, so that the yield strength rises by nearly 50%; the optimization design of the frame assembly makes the overall weight reduce by 300kg, so as to effectively reduce the whole vehicle height and improve the driving safety.

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      EBS engine brake technology

      Cursor engine adopts unique EBS brake technology (IVECO patent technology) so that the driving is much safer.

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      Unique integral rear shift technology for the driver’s cab

      Four-point suspension design is adopted for the whole vehicle so that occupants feel comfortable; after any collision of the vehicle, its unique backward shift technology for the driver’s cab makes the occupants much safer.

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      Test on various road surfaces

      Based on 100000km various road surface tests and 500000km user operation test, its performance is more reliable.