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360° Appearance overview

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      Synchronous with European design

      The first impressionsare impressive appearance and fashionable appearance when we see this model. New Kingkan adopts the V-shaped front face design popular in Europe. The design comes from the top designer of IVECO. V-shaped front face represents the most popular and most advanced design style in Europe. The whole automobile appears to be vigorous and decent, the wind resistance coefficient is low, and the oil consumption can be effectively reduced.

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      Fashionable appearance

      Besides the popular design style, new Kingkanalso wears a very beautiful "garment", which is derived from the international advanced paint coating process. One of three world’s most advanced heavy truckcoating lines is Hongyan coating line. The top equipment and the advanced coating process ensure the paint coating quality and provide a powerful corrosion protection function. Like Benz, BMW and other limousines, the paint quality of new Kingkancan ensure no rusting within 10 years in normal conditions and enhancesthe level and aesthetic perception.

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      Considerate design

      The windshield is decent and luxury, of wide vision, has the energy absorption and damping performance, and cannot be broken into sharp pieces to effectively protect the passengers even if the glass is broken. The unique design on two sides of the front is called pressure type lateral wind deflector. The mud attached on two sides of the doors troubles our users all the time. European four-hole wind deflector has funneling effect and can be self-cleaned to effectively prevent the dirt on two sides of the cab from being splashed.

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      Driver's cab

      At the same time, the height lamps are installed at the left and right ends of the top and have the function of height and width prompting at night, ensuring the safety of driving.