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360° Overview of interior trimmings

The overview of automotive interiors is stated below. Features and functions are general descriptions and may vary with the truck model.

Trial of driver's seat

Iveco patented four-point suspendedcab, top mute design, and top ergonomic design.

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      Humanization design, comfortable driving

      1.The height lamps are installed at the left and right ends of the top and have the function of height and width prompting at night, ensuring the safety of driving.

      2. The pipeline layout is optimized, the pipelineis arranged in an S shape and is regular, clear and orderly, and the maximum thermal expansion and cold contraction size is reserved for daily maintenance.

      3. The air external circulation filter only assembled on the importedautomobile can effectively prevent the dust from entering the cab, creating a clean and comfortable driving environment for the user and ensuringthe health of driver and passengers.

      4. The doors use double sealing strips with good sealing. The closing sound is as muffled as superior quality car. The driving noise is 10 decibels lower than competing goods, keeping the driving mood more enjoyable.

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      The safety protection of new Kingkan to the driver and passengers also comes from the surround dashboard in European design style, revealing the humanized design concept; in an emergency, the dashboard is like a safety island, and cannot generate edges and corners even if it is bent and deformed after collision, thereby utmostly protecting the safety of driver.

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      Driver’s cab

      The dashboard materials are selected according to the European standard design, and the layout and color matching are reasonable according to the ergonomics, so that the driver easily operates and is tireless.

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      People-oriented design: new Kingkanis safe, comfortable and convenient, which is a cozy “mobilehome” for the driver

      (1) More capacious space;

      (2) Better sealing and low noise;

      (3) More comfortableinteriors;

      (4) Safer, the thickness of steel plate is 1.5 mm;

      (5) double side zinc coating + three-layer paint.