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Outstanding design

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      Synchronous with European design

      The V-shaped front face design popular in Europe creates a new image for the domestic high-end heavy truck. The whole automobile appears to be vigorous and decent, the wind resistance coefficient is low, and the oil consumption can be effectively reduced.

      The integrated bright headlights, the front gas-distributing channel double air deflectors, the rounded arc top design and other smooth lines outline a decent and modern cab, and the aggressive but low-key style makes it more pragmatic and self-confident.

      For the paint, the international most advanced paint process (one of the two paint linesadopting the congeneric advanced process in the world) is adopted, and the paint has high quality and high grade, providing a powerful anti-corrosion function.

      The top of the cab adopts the arc design, being mighty and decent; the upright diffluence holes on two sides effectively reduce the wind resistance, the oil consumption is lower, and the cab is more economic.

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      The doors use double sealing strips with good sealing. The closing sound is as muffled as superior quality car. The driving noise is 10 decibels lower than competing goods, keeping the driving mood more enjoyable.

      The driver seat is a six-direction adjustable seat, which can be adjusted in six directions of up and down, front and rear and backrest. The damping comfort is matched according to the driver’s weight, ensuring that the driver easily drives.

      The multidirectional steering wheel can adjust the distance between the steering pillar and the driver according to the body shape. The humanized designensuresthat the driver can safely drive in a most comfortable state.

      The practical skylight ensures the fresh air in the cab, keeping the driver in good spirit. (Dimensions of skylight: 670mm ×335mm)

      Double sun shields adopts a concisedesign, which can effectively block the sunlight and ultraviolet light.

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      The cab body is provided with super thick steel plates, the maximum thickness of steel plate is up to 1.5 mm, which is 20% thicker than that of the domestic similar models, so that the safety factor is higher. With high precision welding and integral stamping, the truck body is firmer. 80% of steel plates are double-side galvanized steel plates, ensuring the corrosion resistance.

      The safety protection of new Kingkan to the driver and passengers also comes from the surround dashboard in European design style, revealing the humanized design concept; in an emergency, the dashboard is like a safety island, and cannot generate edges and corners even if it is bent and deformed after collision, thereby utmostly protecting the safety of driver.

      The safety belt is the most reliable passive safety equipment, ensuring that driving is safer and more reliable. The safety belt is more reliable than the air bag. The three-point fixing type reinforced safety belt of new Kong Kong has good contraction and is suitable for different drivers with different body shapes.

Light weight and high benefit