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In the lightweight design, SAIC Hongyan has been adhering to the design concept of “safety first”, and prefer heavier body than weight loss by sacrificing the safety coefficient.

Why is the SAIC so safe?

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      High-intensity and four-point suspension cab

      In the light-weight design field, the SAIC always persists in the design concept of “Safety First”, we prefer to achieve the weight of vehicle body up to tens of kilometers rather than the vehicle weight reduces at the expense of safety coefficient. The driver’s cab is made of high-intensity steel board, the thickest part is up to 1.5mm, which increased 20% in comparison with that of other similar products. The driver’s cab is integrally punch-formed with front box-shaped structure, which is firm and not easily deformed, and a complete geometrical structure of the dash panel for the driver’s cab can not be damaged even if it suffers from any serious frontal crash. Internal instrument panel material is not easily crashed when the vehicle suffers from any collision, which can reduce secondary injury of broken sharp matters on the occupants.

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      High intelligent engine model

      Hongyan Kingkan National Stage V series dump trucks can be matched with SAIC power system, and become the engine model of the world commercial vehicles in combination with the design of AVL, and meet the user demands such as high reliability, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, etc. With the mature National Stage V emissiontechnology, Hongyan Kingkan will be upgraded to National Stage VI. The advanced process is used for production, so that the quality is guaranteed.

      SAIC power E series engines -- SC10E and SC12E, are combination of gold displacements of 10.4L and 11.8L. The bursting pressure is 20Mpa, and the power is instantaneously burst. At the same time, the latest Boschelectronically controlled high pressure common rail system, the straight six-cylinder and four-valve design, the integral cylinder cover, the clip type crankshaft front and rear oil seals, the cooling mode that the cylinder cover is cooled from top to bottom and other advanced technologies ensure the reliability and advancement of this series engine.