Social Responsibilities

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Protect the blue sky, symbiosis with the nature

SAIC Hongyan has always fulfilled environmental responsibility. It not only established the world first-class environment-friendly heavy vehicle factory synchronous Europe but also manufactured a series of environment-friendly heavy vehicles with European advanced technology in product research and development (R&D) and manufacturing, to promote the harmonious and sustainable development between enterprises and the environment.

Be warm-heated, show great love

It established a Student aid fund to help children from poor families to go to school. Also donated to help the schools of San Tin village, Tengen town, Wuxi county, Chongqing, Wood village, Baojia town, Pengshui county, Chongqing, Third work area, Cuili town, Congjiang county, Guizhou and so on to improve the schoolhouse conditions, buy more study articles thus help students to fulfill their academic dreams.  Meanwhile, it fulfills public welfare, not only contribute to greening the Yangtze River, protecting the mother river but also propose water environmental protection in the World Water Day. SAIC Hongyan equally spared no effort to donating, organizing vehicles to participating in rescue in earthquake relief work, flood fight, etc.