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Four-point suspension cab

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      Backward shift of driver’s cab

      Through ECE R29 test according to European collision standards, the driver’s cab employs four-point suspension design and unique backward shift technology to maximally ensure the safety of occupants; 80% of the overall punch-formed driver’s cab is welded by double-side galvanized board under the high precision, and the thickest body position is up to 1.5mm to protect the occupants at any moment.

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      The vehicle is designed with four-point suspension cab, suspension air bag,  flat cab floor and air bag seat, all of which improve the comfortability of occupants.

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      Noise reduction

      Based on test, the indoor noise of “GENLYON” product is up to 68±2db (domestic standard: 90db) when running at the constant speed, so that the occupants can keep pleasant to reduce any potential risk;

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      Electric control optimization

      Relying on technical deposits accumulated for many years by IVECO, “GENLYON” is equipped with multi-functional instrument display and CAN-BUS, the mature technology benefits the organic combination of 6 modules, including engine ECU, body controller, instrument panel, driving recorder, ABS and rear view mirror controller, which changes the immature condition of CAN bus technology and reduces the failure rate of electric appliances.