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Brand spirit

Hongyan brand, same name with the famous revolutionary novel Hong-am, Hongyan is the glorious symbol of Chongqing, meanwhile, it’s also a high generalization of the spirit of the Chinese communists. Hongyan spirit is a revolutionary spirit tempered and formed with blood and life in practice of the revolutionary fighters fighting against the reactionary force, striving for national independence and people’s liberation in anti-Japanese war and liberation war. It includes four aspects of lofty thought realm, firm convictions, great personality power and giant revolutionary righteousness, summed up as patriotism, struggle, unity and dedication.

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      52years of history is the inheritance of spirit-Hongyan spirit. It is firm and tenacious, dare to fight until the bitter end.

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      In the year 2017, the management layer of the company would unite all to fulfill thinking alike and homocentric.

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      Thinking alike is our top-level design, it highlights the interests of employees thereby would reflect the common will of all staff. Homocentric is our development plan would fully reflect the customers, dealers and ….of Hongyan.