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Outstanding design

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      Exquisitely innovative light weight technology leading the industry

      The design of mature aluminum-casing transmission and front and rear light-weight suspension structure effectively reduces the dead weight of the whole vehicle under comfortability and changeless loading capacity;

      In view of strict air dynamics analysis and CAE structure analysis of the driver’s cab, rack vibration test, anti-corrosion test and road intensity test on the driver’s cab, the whole vehicle is characterized by small wind drag coefficient, beautiful and graceful appearance, more optimizational structure and lighter dead weight.

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      Perfect power chain combination

      CURSOR9 engine synchronous with European technology and wide economical rotary speed range area can save fuel oil totaling more than 9.4%;

      The engine of whole vehicle has a milage up to 1 million kilometers under major repair;

      As for the engine, 80% of the most fuel-efficient rotary speed range and the maximum-torque rotary speed range coincides so that the whole vehicle runs economically and efficiently;

      A single-stage speed reduction driving axle produced by FIAT FPT technology is imported to combine a perfect power chain with CURSOR engine and FAST transmission, with low noise, low exhaust, low oil consumption, wide adaption to operating conditions, oil saving and high efficiency.

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      Safety derived from patent synchronous with European technology

      Cursor engine adopts unique EBS brake technology (IVECO patent technology) so that driving is much safer;

      Four-point suspension design is adopted for the whole vehicle, so that occupants feel more comfortable; after any collision, unique integral backward shift technology for the driver’s cab makes occupants much safer;

      Based on 100,000km various road surface tests and 500,000km user operation test,  its performance is more reliable;

      Ultra-large space design for the driver’s cab: the maximum height is up to 1990mm so that occupants can walk upright, the broad couchettes make occupants comfort, just in a real “movable house”.

Light weight, high benefit