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Cursor 11 engine

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      Breakthrough of low-speed response

      CURSOR11 engine is equipped with HTT supercharger, 90% of 2099N-M most torque can be available at 1000rpm, with outstanding power performance;

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      Breakthrough of low fuel oil consumption

      Bosch fuel oil supply system and imported fuel oil common-rail system consistent with European FIAT can effectively reduce the fuel oil consumption; the application of low viscosity engine oil effectively reduces the engine friction and comprehensively improves the economical efficiency of fuel oil.

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      Upgrade of reliability test

      The engine can achieve a mileage of 1,000,000 km without major overhaul through 3000h durability test, 2000h thermal shock test and over-20000h FIAT standard test; simultaneously, SCR has passed FIAT rack durability test, FIAT technology is optimized to reduce NOx,PM, decrease the back exhaust pressure and effectively improve the power and reliability of the engine.

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      Breakthrough of low-temperature startup

      Low-temperature startup technology is adopted to successfully realize its cold startup below 30℃, and it is widely applied to the wide road transport environment in China.