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Intelligent interconnection

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      JASDA vehicle telematics + “Vehicle Life”

      Various information and recreations, such as weather, news, music, video, 4S shop preferential, surrounding shopping and catering discount, etc., make the trip not boring any longer; the anti-theft guarantee for goods, fuel oil, storage battery and even the whole vehicle is favorable because it can give an alarm in order for tracing and locking without worry; red, yellow and green signals in the display screen indicate the jam, slow and smooth road surfaces respectively, so that the driver can clearly see road conditions.

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      JASDA vehicle telematics + “Vehicle Service”

      Large platform, cloud data and scientific maintenance plan make the maintenance more normative, free from worry and labor saving; based on the remote failure diagnosis, real-time detection and vehicle condition information, any sudden failure can be settled leisurely; automatic or manual alarm for help after an accident can make the rescue center get more comprehensive information.

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      JSDA vehicle telematics + “Vehicle Management”

      Driving route, regional deviation alarm, location management and tracing; statement customization, intelligent, elaborate and normative vehicle operation and management; real-time oil consumption detection, oil consumption data analysis, all of which can improve the driver’s operation behavior, achieve the optimal oil consumption and maximally optimize the cost.

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      JSDA vehicle telematics + “Vehicle Finance”

      Real-time control over dispatch time, midway condition, arrival time and storage location; the credit of a loanee can be detected at any moment; repayment reminder and debt memo can be delivered on schedule.